Link Aadhaar with Driving License: Check How to Link Online?

Link Aadhaar with Driving License: Check How to Link Online?

link Aadhaar and Driving License
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          Aadhaar, currently India's most important document, is the current priority for Indian residents. According to recent reports, Aadhaar linking will be mandatory for all Indians. This is because the Government wants to stop the misuse of duplicate or fake driving licenses for citizen. The Driving License is also valid across India. Because You don't need more than one Driving License. We have provided the steps below to link your Aadhaar and Driving License.

Why need to link Aadhaar and Driving License?

Aadhaar and Driving License can be linked for several benefits. The unified platform will allow agencies to verify and access the details of Indian licence owners. Agents will identify fake driving licenses from real ones and will be able to take legal action against people who have multiple documents or fake driving licences. In addition, no one can renew duplicate driving licenses after the Aadhaar has been linked to Driving License. This will promote transparency and prevent corruption.

Let's see How to link Aadhaar and Driving License:

  1. To link Aadhaar with Driving License, first go to
  2. Select Your State or Union Territory.
  3. Click on Continue after to fill in the information.
  4. After that click on "Services on DL (Renewal/Duplicate/AEDL/Others)".
  5. Enter your 12 Digit Aadhaar Number with the Registered Phone Number.
  6. An OTP will be sent to your registered mobile number.
  7. To link Aadhaar to your Driving License, enter the OTP.

Although the Government has not made linking Aadhaar and Driving License mandatory, it is expected that it will be soon. The Government will be able to track all personal information and eliminate fake driving licenses.

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