A brief note on the beginning of Industrial Growth Center, Chaygaon

A brief note on the beginning of Industrial Growth Center, Chaygaon

A brief note on the beginning of Industrial Growth Center, Chaygaon
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                  Perhaps it was the last week of October 2000. I came from New Delhi to report to the then Executive engineer (CIO), Industries & Commerce Deptt. At Bamunimaidam, Guwahati, after completion of permanent Assam Pavilion Building at Pragati Maidan. On the day of my report to the Executive engineer (CIO), I was called by the then MD, AIIDC Shri SP Bhattacharjee, to meet hum urgently in his office situated at the same Industrial Estate campus. As instructed, I came immediately to his office. He briefed me about the proposed Growth center project to be set up at Chaygaon. I realized that this is the third Growth center in Assam after Matia & Balipara has implemented by AIDC Ltd. He informed me that a Detail Project Report against Chaygaon location for a project cost Rs. 25.00 Crores has been submitted to Govt. of India for approval, and the same DPR had also been appraised by IFCI. As per funding pattern, govt. India provides a maximum grant of Rs. 15.00 crores and the remaining amount is State Govt's share. Out of the 1500 bighas at Chaygaon, the Govt. land was 865 bighas comprising Chatabari, Paneri & 2 no. Jambari revenue village and the remaining land was shown as private land to be acquired. IFCI had submitted 33 nos. of questionnaires for appraisal of the DPR and asked that the reply be submitted within one week, i.e., by 3rd November 2000. MD sir informed me that Sri P.J. Das, one of my colleagues, was looking after this subject and he was liasioning with IFCI for the same. MD Sir has told me that Mr. P.J. Das was already overloaded with the Border Trade Center Project at Sutarkandi, so I should help Mr. Das against this Growth Center Project and directed me to visit the project site at Chaygaon on the very next day along with Mr. P.J. Das and prepare the reply to all questionnaires submitted by IFCI. After that, I discussed the matter with Mr. P.J. Das, who had already designed almost all the responses, and he appraised me of the present position of the project proposal. As per the instruction of MD, AIIDC I, along with Mr. P.J. Das, visited the Chaygaon site the next day and finalized the replies to be sent to IFCI.

IFCI sent the DPR to the Ministry of Commerce & Industry Govt. India after appraising the same in the month of Dec. 2000. Ministry of Commerce & Industry Govt. India fixed the meeting on 31st Jan. Ministry of Commerce & Industry Govt. India fixed the meeting for Project Appraisal. Committee meeting on 31st January 2001 in New Delhi. The project Appraisal Committee in its meeting made some observations on the DPR, and the observation of the Project Appraisal Committee meeting was clarified on 10th April 2001. By this time, Industry & Commerce Deptt. Govt of Assam as per the minutes of the 2nd State-level monitoring committee meeting on Groth Center requested Govt. of India for permission to split the location for growth center due to the non-availability of 1500 bighas of Govt. agreed to split the single Growth Center into maximum 3 locations for hilly states and maximum 2 locations for rest of the states in its meeting held on 6th June 2001 with the representatives of State Governments to review the progress of Growth center Scheme. Subsequently, Shri S. Jagadesshan IAS, joint secretary to the Govt. of India, Commerce & Industry Deptt. Paid a kind visit to Guwahati in the month of June and inspected the plot at Chaygaon along with Dr. Jayanta Madhab, the then CMD NEDFi, and Sri S.C. Das, the then Commissioner to the Govt. of Assam, Industry & Commerce Deptt. Both Shri S. Jagadesshan and Dr. Jayanta Madhab were found not so happy with the location of Chaygaon due to the long distance from Guwahati city as well as not on the NH-37. Our Hon'ble Commissioner Sri S.C. Das was able to convince Shri S. Jagandesshan by explaining the reason why we have to choose this Chaygaon location. After visiting the Chaygaon plot, which around 60 KM from Guwahati City, he stepped down from his vehicle on NH-37 GNBI Airport on his way to Guwahati and enquired that whether the land can be acquired for Growth Center at Azra area, Especially nearby the Pepsi, side so that the Growth Center is able to attract the outside investors for setting up industries for which he even agreed to make a provision in the project to purchase the private land if there is no suitable Govt land is available. He suggested splitting the Chaygaon growth Center into two parts that should be nearer to Guwahati city. The same was also confirmed by the Ministry's letter DO No. 5/22/1/91 - DBA-1 (Vol-II) dated 12th October 2001. Since Govt. land to the extent required for Growth Centre was not available in the vicinity of Guwahati city and the only way was to acquire the private land, we identified an area of approximately 231 bighas for the purpose with the help of Circle Officer Palasbari Circle at Patgaon in Kamrup district which is only 19 KM from Guwahati and 3KM from the Airport.

In the background of the above developments, a combined project report for split location at Chaygaon and Patgaon with a total project cost was Rs. 21.50 Crores was sent to the Govt. of India for approval on 24th December 2001.

In the case of the Chaygaon Project, the total available Govt. land was 580 bighas, out of which 180 bighas was handed over to Assam Small Industries Development Corporation for setting up to another centrally sponsored project, "Food Processing Park." This was done in accordance with the Central Policy of combining two or more development schemes together to strengthen the developmental efforts. Further to safeguard the public money, it was proposed initially that an area of 180 bighas only be developed and only after successful implementation of the 1st phase, the remaining area will be developed into industrial plots by self-generation/ borrowing of funds from financial institutions. In the case of the Patgaon project, it was proposed to acquire 231 bighas of private land at an approximate cost of Rs. 3.32 Crores. It was proposed that only 120 bighas of land will be developed in the first phase.

Govt. of India directed NEDFi to appraise the revised project proposal for Chaygaon and Patgaon locations. Accordingly, NEDFi appraised the project proposal.


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